Here it is, 2014 boiled down to fourteen photographs.  You would think that reducing a year into fourteen photographs would be difficult because that’s too few to represent such a vast amount of time.  In reality, it was really difficult to choose fourteen photographs because when it came to identifying my very best from this past year, fourteen felt like an enormous number!  Perhaps I’ve gotten too close to my work to see the forest for the trees sort of deal!  Below you’ll find fourteen images from 2014, in no particular order.



1) Jane Bald Roan Highlands Appalachian Trail Winter Snow Sunrise

Why:  the effort to reach this location and a general desire to see this particular landscape in these particular conditions made this a very fulfilling photograph



2) Folly Beach Charleston South Carolina Coastal Tree Tidal Pool Blue Hour Sunset

Why:  the magic of blue hour; the all-out sprint and ragged resulting condition that ensued to reach this spot, unplanned, in order to capitalize on the light



3) Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail Great Smoky Mountains National Park Spring Green Scenic

Why:  amazing natural beauty of water in the Smokies; the effort to reach this particular spot and the patience to wait hours for appropriate light; green goodness



4) Linn Cove Viaduct Blue Ridge Parkway Foggy Mountain Scenic

Why:  a different take on a well-known landmark; the lack of sleep and the intense drive through storm-riddled, no visibility roads leading up to this sunrise



5) Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Atlantic Ocean Wave Crash

Why: an exciting vantage on a classic and well-photographed landmark; the difficulties and risk of executing the shot; being responsive to the landscape and the conditions to dictate shot location



6) Grassy Ridge Roan Highlands AT Spur Trail Catawba Rhododendron Spring Landscape

Why: perhaps my favorite physical landscape in the Southern Appalachians; the magic of wild Rhododendron mixed with fog & views; sustained repeated effort to capture the landscape



7) Dolly Sods Wilderness Area Autumn Red Heath, Flagged Red Spruce & Unique Rocks

Why: first-time landscape for me; the synthesis (albeit imperfect) of many targeted elements into one frame; magic morning side lighting on an otherwise wet trip



8) Ricketts Glen State Park Pennsylvania Ganoga Falls Downstream Autumn Landscape

Why: return location; continuous improvement & tweaking of a familiar scene; autumn seasonal beauty



9) Jennette’s Fishing Pier Nags Head Outer Banks North Carolina Blue Hour Stormy Landscape

Why: magical moment at blue hour; a spot of creativity in an otherwise bleak month; right place, right time



10) Oconaluftee River Valley Great Smoky Mountains Sunrise Mountain Layers

Why: simplified frame; soft coloring & lighting; responsiveness to the landscape & conditions for composition



11) Grandfather Mountain Reflecting Autumn Colors in Price Lake along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Why: re-creation of an earlier idea; execution; favorable environmental conditions; realization of pre-visualization



12) The Charleston Battery Reflected

Why:  work induced moment of inspiration/creativity; proof of the muse; odd looks from passerby’s



13) Grassy Ridge Roan Highlands Southern Appalachian Highland Meadow Spring Scenic

Why: a favorite view of an amazing place; stubborn & relentless efforts over weeks of daily hiking



14) Occoquan Stream Valley Virginia Bluebell Spring Wildflower Scenic

Why:  historically unsuccessful attempts at photographing Virginia Bluebells without resorting to macro; intentional focus on photographing the Piedmont region (portfolio is heavy on mountains and coastal images)



14 for 2014 - A Year in Review:


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