Publication:  ZipLocal Community Phonebook Herndon / Reston

Issue:  2015-2016

It’s a unique and exciting opportunity to have your photograph featured on the front cover of a local phonebook, especially when that locality is where you grew up.  I remember reading somewhere that every great travel author must first start with what is uniquely theirs–their hometown, home, etc–before they can branch out and write about places farther afield; they must, in essence, establish a foundation.  So, with this publication, I feel in many ways that I’m developing a foundation.  While much of my work that is recognized comes from the southeast, I do come home and put the lens on local material from time to time.  To have one of those “hometown” pieces selected and featured to represent place is pretty neat.

Before I leave towards my next adventure, it’s been neat to walk around the neighborhood with my father and his dog every evening lately seeing my photograph in the driveway of all my neighbors.  Sure, less than 0.0001% will ever notice that the photograph is mine (perhaps that’s even too generous), but it goes without saying that being an outdoor freelance photographer with your photograph distributed all over your own neighborhood is kind of a neat feeling of accomplishment!

Lake Anne Reston Virginia Autumn Sunrise

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