Publication:  Outdoor Photographer

Issue:  April 2015, Wildlife Special, Volume 31, Number 3

Story:  Favorite Places, Grassy Ridge Bald (p.34)

I had the opportunity to contribute an article and photograph for the monthly column, favorite places, appearing in the current (April 2015) issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine.  The place:  Grassy Ridge Bald in the Roan Highlands.  For those that know me, this has always been a special place for me; perhaps the very place that got me really started towards being an outdoor photographer in the first place.  So, I was rather surprised and happy when the mag contacted me requesting an article on this particular place.  The article covers the basics for those aspiring to a visit:  location, weather, photo experience and best times.  The photograph itself is one from the backside of Grassy Ridge Bald looking out over western North Carolina as the morning sun burns off low hanging fog in the valley.  I know that I’ve got a robust network of contacts and friends that shoot and frequent this area; I hope that you guys find the article represents the place well and that the photograph does it some justice.  A big thanks to the folks over at Outdoor Photographer for the opportunity this month as well–always appreciated!

See more of my images from the Roan Highlands here.

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