I’m honored to have had an opportunity to work on assignment–for the first time–with Our State Magazine towards fulfillment of the April 2017 photo essay regarding Azalea in North Carolina.  My portion of the assignment was to capture images of the Pinkshell and Flame Azalea blooms in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

The Pinkshell Azalea along the southern Blue Ridge Parkway were out long before the leaf canopy above blocked ample spring sunshine.  Rounding a curve on the foggy Blue Ridge Parkway last spring, I was struck by how beautiful the soft, pink azalea blooms seemed to glow against the otherwise dormant landscape.  In every variety of pink from soft rose to vibrant magenta, the Pinkshell Azalea drew my attention no mater if they were blooming above on a craggy cliff or down below on a steep embankment.

Flame Azalea were the more familiar of the two for me.  I’ve encountered Flame Azalea blooms in many locations from Upstate South Carolina to the high, treeless peaks of the Roan Highlands.  It was a pleasure once again to focus on these amazingly vibrant blooms.  A stunning combination of bright colors, the Flame Azalea is sure to stop you in your tracks no matter where you encounter them.  From rich orange to buttery yellow, the contrast that these flowers provide to the landscape is quite incredible.

A big thanks, as always, to the folks over at Our State Magazine for the opportunity to work on assignment and to provide a couple of images for this photo essay!  Thank you.

Check out a beautiful spread from Crabtree Falls by friend and photographer, Tommy White, in the upfront “This is North Carolina” section of the April issue as well!

April 2017 Issue
Volume 84
Number 11

Flame Azalea along the Appalachian Trail in the Roan Highlands during sunset.

The fiery buds of a Flame Azalea lick at the bark of the parent shrub.

The delicate blooms of the Pinkshell Azalea along the southern Blue Ridge Parkway near Graveyard Fields.

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