I’m honored to have another photograph in the April 2016 issue of Our State Magazine (pg.#152-153).  To be completely upfront, sometimes photographs accompany stories that are far from the reality of my own life and circumstances as the photographer; I’m overjoyed, regardless, to contribute and to see a photograph find meaning in these various uses.  However, when a photograph is mated with a story that resembles my own thoughts and feelings it amplifies the meaning.  There’s an authenticity to the use for me that just means a bit more.

I couldn’t be happier to have the above image of the North Carolina mountain range represent the feature story, “The Land We Love,” in the April 2016 issue on pages #152-153.  The short introduction paragraph is a beautiful dedication to all of those who work within and toward the care of the amazing variety of public lands within the state of North Carolina.  It’s no secret that I make my living from the capture of these very lands during what I hope to be the very best atmospheric conditions to represent not their potential but their existing and inherent worth.  In the process of photographing this state and its natural treasures, I hope that it will be unmistakable that I too respect and cherish my time spent in North Carolina, from the high country hills of Southern Appalachia to the deep sand beaches of the Outer Banks barrier islands.

A big thanks to the good folks over at Our State Magazine for the continued opportunity to find home for some of my work within the pages of their incredible magazine.  North Carolina is certainly the land that I love!  And a big thanks to friend and photographer, Dave Allen, whom I was with on this particular evening when this image was captured.  Dave has a nose for displays of crepuscular rays along the southern portions of the Blue Ridge Parkway!

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