In the past couple of years I haven’t had to wait very long into the New Year before my first bite behind the lens.  For example, last year it was literally hours into the first day of the New Year when I had my first photograph bagged.  This year, however, has been a bit of an uncomfortable wait.  And it wasn’t for lack of effort.  While I did slap myself with a no-fly reprimand as I worked through the financial situation of being a new small business, I’ve still been actively working locally.  January marched past without a photograph regardless of efforts, however.  I admit, I was getting a good bit anxious and worried with my relative non-productivity.  Would I have to wait until March or April before I managed something in 2015?  What would that say about me?  About the business?  Shouldn’t I be more productive?

Well, scratch the worries!  A dreary morning with what appeared to be little to no potential (other than a cold nose) morphed into something incredible.  Moving along the trails at Difficult Run Stream Valley Park in Northern Virginia largely without inspiration and lost in my own head, a favorable turn of light caught me somewhat off guard, sending me crashing along the rugged shoreline of the southern end of Mather Gorge and the Potomac River in search of something frame worthy.  Luckily I’m very familiar with this terrain and area in general, allowing quick movement towards potential targets.  At this location, just above the convergence of the Potomac River and Difficult Run (the largest tributary drainage in Fairfax County), the Potomac River is split by a small rock island–a frequent occurrence along this stretch.  A smaller ribbon of the river, upon meeting the island, is directed near shore where it passes over some rougher conditions.  On this particular morning, the geography was causing the Potomac River flow to fold back upon itself, providing the perfect foreground action to frame up the actively glowing sunrise sky above.  This was my first photograph of 2015.  Finally!  Now that we crossed that bridge, let’s do it again 🙂

Nikon D700; Nikkor 17-35mm @ 22mm; f9.0; 0.4s; iso 200, 0.6 GND Filter

Please pardon the messiness of the website right now; I’m in the process of a complete overhaul of both the blog and galleries while trying to keep everything live for visitors!

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