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For several years I’ve been leading and/or co-leading group and individual workshops and photo tours around the Southern Appalachian Mountains and along the Carolina coastlines.  While the opportunities and relationships afforded me from these experiences have been plentiful and rich, I still think that there is work to be done.  I’ve listened to each and every one of you folks who have come through and engaged my services–what you’re looking for, how I can improve the experience, where value can be added.  I believe that we–myself included–go on photography workshops for some combination of the following reasons:  (1) to meet a particular working photographer / peer; (2) to learn about a new geographic area and/or landscape; (3) to learn camera and gear technique; and/or (4) to enjoy the camaraderie of a group of like-minded individuals chasing a common goal.  The most common complaint I hear is that the experience is too expensive and/or that the experience cannot be customized enough for each participant individually because of the natural limitations of working within a group.

As a result,  I’ve seen my own booking of individual one-on-one workshops increasing.  However, there has still been a struggle to make the experience affordable for the participant while also business-positive for me as the photographer.  As is common, exclusivity of time and attention generally comes with a multiplier in front.  Not to mention, as a working photographer, it is increasingly hard to chase and produce new imagery when I’m spending key seasonal shifts and bloom periods without my camera, instead teaching others where to find and how to capture the landscape.

So, to the point, I’m working on a middle-ground offering that isn’t as formal as a group workshop, yet is more immersive than a photo tour.  I’m calling it a field trip, and it’s most suited to those who are familiar with their cameras, have the gear already, and are not seeking the group camaraderie we mentioned above.  Instead, I would like to create opportunities for folks to join me in the field as I seek new portfolio shots.  Yes, I will be actively chasing my own work and you’ll be right there with me.  It’s an opportunity to skip the bells and whistles, skip the crowds, meet me in the field, and get right down to business, literally.  We’ll make choices together on where to go, what to see in what conditions, and above all else, we’ll each have skin in the game to get work on the cards.  You’ll have exclusive access to me:  ask me questions, seek advice and/or instruction as needed between our shoots.  And, as long as I can chase light and landscape as well, with you, I’ll be able to lower the costs to make the experience more affordable.  That’s the idea as it stands now.

As I get all of the documentation and background infrastructure setup for these new opportunities, I’ll still be offering individual and small group workshops and/or photo tours to those with specific desires.  Drop me a line at to discuss dates and locations!

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