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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of imagery do you produce?

I’m an outdoor landscape photographer.  From grand vistas to intimate scenics, I portray my own experiences within the natural world.  Expect to find mountains, beaches, waterfalls, trails and more when browsing my portfolio.  Mostly, I focus geographically on the Southern Appalachian Mountains and the Carolina Coastlines.

When I get the opportunity to shoot built form or human interest photos, I prefer to shoot contextually showing how the elements situate within the larger surrounding environment.

Do you offer prints of your images?

Yes!  I offer a number of different print mediums and sizes over at Fine Art America.  You can access the gallery through the link provided below and/or the link in the header navigation under Shop–Prints.  Should the specific image that you’re interested in seeing not be found within the Fine Art America gallery, drop me a quick e-mail and I’ll get it loaded up right away for you!


Do you license your images?

Yes.  All of my images are available for licensing.  I follow industry standard pricing from FotoQuote.  While I work on making the licensing process digital and one-click, please drop me a line at with your specific use and desired image and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a price quote.

Does your organization have a fixed fee schedule for content?  No worries!  Please drop me a line at and let me know about the opportunity!

Do you offer private 1-to-1 workshops?

Yes.  I welcome requests for both individual and small group private workshops.  I currently charge $650/full-day for 1-to-1 guide services and field instruction.  If you’re interested in multiple days, the day rate drops to $500/day.

I welcome small group private workshops of up to four participants at $1250/full-day for the group (not per individual).

Full day workshops run from roughly one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset with as many built-in breaks as desired.  We can design the day’s activities to provide whatever mix of field shooting and/or post-processing instruction is optimal.

Please drop me a line at to discuss dates, location and desires.  Get in touch early for in demand times (such as autumn color in Western North Carolina, Spring in the Smokies, or Rhododendron at Roan Mountain) as the schedule tends to fill up quickly for these seasonal events.

Do you offer group workshops?

I don’t currently have any planned group workshops for 2018.  However, I do have private individual and small group options available.

Do you take on assignment work?

Absolutely.  I would love to hear more about your specific opportunity!  There’s nothing more rewarding to me than providing place-based imagery to accompany an upcoming project(s) and/or editorial story.  I’ve got almost ten years of experience learning the landscape in my focus areas; I’d love to put that experience to work for your project!  Drop me a line at with more details to open up a dialogue.

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