After a rather exhausting run this past season up and down the east coast chasing autumn colors, this photograph basically fell into my lap.  I rolled out of bed, drove five miles or so through some of Northern Virginia’s famous morning traffic, walked about one-hundred yards and sat quietly at the end of a wooden boardwalk waiting for the sun to crest the horizon.  The initial predawn was less than impressive.  So much so that I actually left Lake Anne, got back into the truck and was heading back to the house when the sun crested the horizon and some magic began to happen.  I was sure that I had blown the opportunity for I was now amidst the local morning traffic of Northern Virginia, no easy to navigate mass of vehicles.  However,  the conditions were perfect ripe for this particular shot:  calm winds made for glassy water; late autumn color provided some punch around the towns; and the skies were adequately dotted with interest.  I pulled into the Lake Anne development once again, reassumed my previous position on the boardwalk and snapped about ten exposures.  It was as simple as they come–no grand stories with this one!  A marked difference between the dark-thirty hikes through intense terrain that had been my reality earlier during the month!

Lake Anne is a 41-acre community reservoir in the suburbs of Northern Virginia.  For those unfamiliar with the area, Reston (named after founder Robert E. Simon) was the first post-modern private planned community in the nation, as well as the first post-modern planned community to include natural preservation in the planning process.  At a time when there was an abundance of land, Reston was visionary in its ability to utilize clustered, multi-use, higher density development–centered around town centers with community, cultural and recreational opportunities–while other nearby areas were sub-dividing into acre lots and cul-de-sacs and welcoming traditional strip-mall development.  The results of Simon’s efforts can be found in the present day real estate values for places like the unique lakefront townhomes you see in the photograph above.

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